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  • UCM-300

Electronic module for NGV A3 valves.

Safety module UCM300 for the control of hydraulic power stations GMV® with NGV valve for protection systems against uncontrolled movement of the cabin (UCM, Unintended Car Movement) in compliance with standards of reference EN81-20, EN81-50.

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Module of security UCM300 for the control of the hydroelectric plants GMV® con valve NGV A3 for systems of protection against Unintended Car Movement (UCM, Unintended Car Movement) according to regulation EN81-20, EN81-50.

Regulation EN81-20 states in point 5.6.7 that “hydraulic lifts should have means to stop unintended car movement above the floor and with the floor door blocked and the car door not closed.”

The UCM300 module monitors the state of the RUN and RDY signals of the plant GMV® with NGV A3 valve, which indicate the correct operation of the plant valves. In the case of detecting an error in the plant the module blocks preventing the startup of the lift for a future setting off.

Data sheet
Product weight 0,63 kg
Dimensions 115 x 23 x 105 mm
Standards of reference EN 81-20, EN 81-50

Catálogo Gervall PDF®. Módulo de seguridad UCM300


Catalogue Gervall PDF®. Module of sécurité UCM300


Gervall Catalog PDF®. Module of security UCM300


Gervall-Katalog PDF®. Sicherheitsmodul UCM300

Electrical features
  • Supply voltage: 20 to 30 Vdc.
  • Voltage control signals RUN & RDY: 20 to 30 Vdc.
  • Voltage input range: 48 to 230Vac/dc.
  • Relay contact module: 8A 250Vac

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Electronic module for NGV A3 valves.

Electronic module for NGV A3 valves.

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