We are history,we are Gervall

Since 1920 and up to the present day, Aplicaciones Electromecánicas Gervall has always followed the same philosophy: look ahead with the firm objective of offering our customers a wide range of components for lifts, with the best features and maximum quality.

Since its foundation, Gervall, has sustained its development on the conviction that each and everyone of its products achieves the transmission of the tradition and exigency which characterise the company. Values, both, laboured on years of experience, effort and dedication.

100 years of history and three generations later, our way of thinking and creating has become a natural insignia of the brand, of the company and of those who work in and for it. A company which has known how to evolve and adapt to the changing conditions of its environment.


Our products are present in more than 60 countries all over the world


Service, attention to the customer and our delivery periods, complete the never-ending search of excellence in such a way that the customer finds in the Gervall brand the best ally to guarantee safety in all his vertical transport.

Today, Aplicaciones Electromecánicas Gervall maintains one of the main values of a traditional business, that of a close relationship with its customers. This fluid relationship and our multi-lingual commercial team, enables us to communicate with companies in their language making possible that our products are present in more than 60 countries all over the world. Neither geographical barriers nor language can limit Gervall.


Our team


Gervall has a team of professionals focused on the customer, with initiative and motivation to learn, which uses their own procedures and methodology to capture, preserve and exploit the knowledge of the company. Our long and sucessful record as leader in the sector, demonstrates our commitment and triumph in the activities of development and talent spotting, research and innovation.  For this, we take time to select a team which is highly qualified, commited to our values and our aims and that can develop both personally and professionally. The aim, is to offer our customers a solid company of international stature in continual growth, a diverse and enriching environment full of opportunities.





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