Driving Sets

Driving Sets
The driving set is the mechanism that ensures that the two safety gears brake at the same time.
  • 47.PRO.SOD
    The Gervall driving set is simple and easy to assemble. Its robustness, and the transmission carried out through a solid squared bar, ensures simultaneous operation of both safety gears. Both Supports, Adjustable arms, the rope plate and the micro-switch are laterally interchangeable according to needs in the installation.
  • 78.FD.M245-2.09
    The Safety Gear Kit for any type of chassis and for guides from 8mm to 16mm. The Kit is pre-assembled in factory and includes the following: Pair of Fixing Supports and Plates to attach the Driving Set. Aluminium Guide Shoe Supports and Guide Shoes for Guides from 8 to 16mm. Guide Shoe Support assembling hardware. Pair of Safety Gears Model M-245,...