Gear drive Machines

Gear drive Machines
The compact design permits installation in reduced spaces, pits and machine roomless lifts.
  • CQ60620-060-D00
    Compact design, with easy disassembly and assembly of saddle, tractor pulley and flywheel, allows to reduce the weight and volume to facilitate access to the machine room if necessary. Static load: 3200 Kg. Horizontal installation. Brake coil, 48/60/90/110/125 /190V. Approximate weight of 250Kg. Supplied with transport bench.
  • SVQ610V-190-I00
    Machine type "VQ" for elevators without machine room and are designed for installation in the upper part of the pit. Static load: 3,200 Kg. Maximum torque: 1200 Nm. Approximate weight of 250 Kg. Engine: 2 speeds. VVVF: 120 connections / hour. Brake coil for 48/60/90/110/125/190 V. Support saddle in cast iron with bearing.